WHAT IS a two minute talk?

The Two Minute Talk® presentation is a short video of a speaker in front of a group talking on a topic of the speaker’s choosing. It can be considered a sizzle reel because it is part of the “sizzle” to your steak, illustrating a sense of your personality and style.


In business, we try to differentiate ourselves from competitors. Imagine you are hiring an employee or choosing a business partner. Imagine two LinkedIn profiles both catch your attention, but they are very similar. The candidates have a similar alma mater, similar work credentials, and glowing recommendations. Both claim to have excellent verbal communication skills. However, one profile features a professional video of the person speaking about a topic he feels passionate about in front of an audience. He is clear, animated, and endearing. Watching the video brings his profile to life. Which would you prefer to do business with?

It is a video age.  It is not enough to tell someone about your expertise when you can show them. They can’t see intangibles like gravitas, confidence, body language and enthusiasm on a paper resume. Your Two Minute Talk® video shows people your true self before you even walk into their office to meet them.


You want people to listen to what you have to say, don’t you? Wouldn’t it be great if they shared it with others too?  On the Internet especially, long videos make people lose interest. We have tested many different lengths of time and found that two minutes is optimal. It allows a chance to get into a bit of substance, but short enough to be able to make the decision to watch and forward easily and quickly.  Two minutes is enough time to set a scene, create an argument, and end with a memorable takeaway. It’s a challenge, but it forces you to get creative and make every word count.


At our PREMIER events, we teach you our trademarked methodology of cutting-edge presentation skills. Once you’re confident in the techniques, we give you the opportunity to apply them on video in front of a live audience.

At our 2013 event, we recorded the first Two Minute Talk® presentations for 100 leaders from different sectors, companies, and walks of life. Normally, creating a video like this costs $10,000+ because you need a videography crew with multiple cameras, sound engineers, lights, a location, an audience, etc. but it is included free with registration to our event. The Two Minute Talk is now a staple part of Own the Room PREMIER events.