Do you have a gift for teaching when it comes to presenting or communication?

Own The Room is growing quickly. We train executives and leaders at top companies (including Google, LinkedIn and L’Oréal) to become more powerful communicators.

Now, we are seeking a few amazing San Francisco-based public speakers and professionals from any field who have a terrific personality and a passion for helping people learn.

Sound like you? If so, consider applying to become a Coach with Own The Room.


Being an Own The Room Coach means:

  • Working with some of the world’s best-known companies and organizations. (Facebook, MTV and MIT are just a few of our many clients.)
  • Helping countless professionals move up in their careers by giving them tools they can apply immediately to thrive in their jobs. (Take a look at our testimonials page to learn more about the impact we’ve made.)
  • Teaching alongside top public speaking coaches in the field. (Our team has traveled the world helping clients communicate better, and includes an Emmy-nominated writer, former fitness champion, and many other fun, talented people from a range of fields and backgrounds.)
  • Strengthening your own communication skills and building your authority as a presenter.
  • Having the flexibility to shape your schedule and your life. As a contractor Coach, you’ll have time to build your own business, explore your passion, or strategically plan your transition into a full-time Coaching career. Many of our Coaches spent years in other industries, but always knew that public speaking and coaching was their passion.
  • Receiving emails from clients thanking you for your invaluable help in preparing for that critical presentation to senior executives, engaging their staff at the last team meeting, or getting over a life-long fear of speaking to large groups.

On February 21-24, we will be holding our next Own The Room Coach Academy, a four-day intense-but-fun training program using our trademarked methodology to help people unleash their potential. Each day, participants master new techniques and modules and teach them to progressively larger groups of real students. Candidates will have multiple opportunities to practice teaching full classes under the guidance of senior coaches, with video recording and professional feedback as you go.

All applicants must go through a highly competitive interview process to be selected into the Academy. While most coaches start out part-time, working several times a month, there are opportunities for growth, including promotion to full-time positions for those who are motivated.


  • You love the topic of communication and presenting, and have a passion for helping people. Continuous enjoyment and continuous improvement.     
  • You have experience as a successful speaker and/or have had real-life experience and success in business or another field. We work with very senior people, and the fact that all our coaches have had real-life success gives us credibility. We can draw on real examples and stories, to be seen not just as trainers but as peers.
  • You have a terrific personality, are charismatic, able to remember names, have good mindset to be a trainer who likes innovating, positive with good follow-through and no drama.
  • You can think on your feet and react to unexpected obstacles, all while retaining a sense of humor.
  • Mastery of the English language is required. Fluency in another language is a plus.
  • A background in sales, media or marketing is an advantage, as these are some of our fastest-growing areas.

Note: In the past, we have worked with successful public speaking coaches who struggled to adjust to a different teaching methodology; we are looking for those who can easily shift from one methodology to another. (Or as one of our coaches said, “It’s like wrestling. I can do Freestyle or Greco-Roman. I have my old methodology and I can learn the Own The Room method. They are distinct, and I can switch between the two.")

Coaches who can also sell and bring in clients are especially valued. You do not have to bring in clients or sell but receive 5% commission on those they do, in addition to coaching fees. 

Presently, we are looking for coach applicants based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Most of your work will be local, but you will have occasional opportunities to travel globally (we have worked on six continents, in 27 countries and counting).


Candidates must complete the online application, including credentials, a short written bio and a video showing off their speaking ability. Submit a video that showcases your professional speaking or training abilities. Make sure it's something that really lets your authentic personality shine through. We encourage you to have fun with this, but please do not submit panel discussions or comedy sketches, as they don't give us a clear sense of your presenting & training ability.

Only a limited number of coach candidates are accepted each year. We recommend that you submit your application and supporting credentials as early as possible.

The application deadline is January 10, 2017.

"Own The Room coaches have a great talent for demystifying the act of public speaking. Their wisdom and expertise helped me to connect with an audience in a way I never had before and actually even enjoy it!" 
Molly Ringwald, Actress and Writer
“Bill’s Own The Room methodology has helped countless speakers play at a higher level.” 
Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and New York Times bestselling author of Lean In
“Improving your ability to communicate will increase your potential to have impact on the world, no matter what you do.  ….the Own The Room team will show you how — and they'll make it fun.” 
Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder & Chairman, LinkedIn and Co-Author, The Start-Up of You


Mikkel Kloster, Senior Coach

Own The Room's Coach Academy was an opportunity for me to pursue a dream. Deciding to do it was really a no-brainer. I thought, "what's the worst thing that can happen?" The most pessimistic answer I could come up with was:

1) I will learn a lot about communication and coaching that will help me succeed in the future.

2) I will meet some awesome people who share my dream, and thereby expand my network.

What is the best thing that could happen? Well, now I am a senior Own The Room coach and I help companies and individuals all over the world improve their communication skills.


Robin Amos Kahn, Lead Coach

I went to Coach Academy in August 2013 and it was a great opportunity to expand my coaching skills by learning from the top Own The Room coaches.  I also got to know remarkable people, with all different life experiences who have one thing in common: we all love Own The Room and the work we do as coaches.  

I am passionate about my work as an Own The Room coach for so many reasons.  I love helping people find their voice and become more confident about themselves in their job and in their life.

Own The Room gives you the tools to become a great speaker - whether you are talking to 5 people or 5,000.  It gives you confidence by gently helping you step outside of your comfort zone and feel connected to both the audience and to your authentic self.  It's thrilling, really, as a coach to see what a difference you can make in people's lives every day.  

If you've ever wanted to learn to be an expert communicator, there is no better way than to coach others and step into your own power as a speaker.

Try it!  It worked for me and it can work for you too.

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