We bring the room to you.

Looking to discover quickly what Own The Room can do for you and your team? Let us come to your location for a three hour demonstration and discussion of how we can tailor our approach to your needs.


Instant improvement in your presentation skills.

Own The Room - REVEAL demonstrates the style and effectiveness of the Own The Room methodology in an intensive communication and leadership training experience that unleashes performance to grow, influence, motivate and sell. 

From the fun, interactive approach to the incorporation of technology that enhances the individual’s development experience, our ultra-experienced team of Coaches dispense much more than just theory. Connecting with audiences as individuals, we leave the slide presentations at home and convey information that impacts emotions, is clear and meaningful and can be used immediately. Theory provides the foundation, our execution makes it stick and work instantly.

We offer one and two day sessions in cities around the world. Both allow you to experience the impact for yourself and see if our approach could unleash potential within your larger organization. One-day sessions are a combination of actual high-impact course content so you feel the power of the improvement yourself, and an overview of our full Own The Room - UNLEASHED Development System content and approach. Two-day sessions give you the full experience and impact of our entire core methodology.

An Own The Room - MASTER session is like a two-day Own The Room - REVEAL experience but with the addition of advanced content on day three.

Our annual Own The Room - PREMIER Events, which are a bigger scale version of our Own The Room - REVEALs, are coming up soon.

Key Outcomes

Participants will walk away from the Own The Room - REVEAL experience with practical presentation skills that they can apply immediately, enhanced executive presence and a renewed sense of professional and personal growth.

  • Identify & eliminate weak language
  • Overcome nervousness
  • Dynamic voice modulation and body language techniques
  • The ability to tell a powerful, 60-second story
  • Understand the science behind when your audience is “tuned in” or “tuned out” to your message




Take your organization to the next level, today.

The majority of our client partnerships start here. Instantly change the way people communicate to drive organizational effectiveness, efficiencies and competitive advantage. Our powerful methodology is delivered in phases to small or large groups at your location with a focus on general communication, presentation and public speaking skills or communication skills tailored for sales teams. Or let us know what your needs are and we will configure a program for you. Once you let us know you’re interested by clicking below, we’ll reach out and start by listening to fully understand exactly how we can drive immediate change and performance improvements.


Your own private Coach will provide world-class guidance and skills you can use immediately, whether you are preparing for that keynote next week or looking to improve your executive presence within your organization at meetings and day to day interactions. We listen to what you need and configure our methodology to achieve results instantly.