Got a big speech or keynote coming up? How well do you want it to go? From corporate presentations, conference keynotes to commencement speeches, clients from CEOs to celebrities get a package of time with an Own the Room coach to take their already terrific content to more world class levels of delivery. We start with the content you have and show you how to move on the stage, strengthen your openings and closings, involve the audience in ways that you wish and more.


Media Training

In similar interactive style to Own the Room, the media training helps make you expert on air.  How to do interviews and come off great.

What is taught in the training: 

  • Connecting with the interviewer
  • Body language, what to do with your voice and hands
  • How guests get invited back
  • Media Do’s and Don’ts
  • Messages that stick
  • Power of stories in interviews
  • Ask and answer tough questions
  • Interview role plays
  • Press Conference practice


Different than skill coaching on demand, is executive coaching.  Most everyone, no matter what level you are at in your industry, has one or two things that block you from going to the next level.  We all have them, but they are different for everyone and usually not easy to talk about.  The sacred rules of coaching are that it is completely confidential and is about the coachee. Executive coach often starts with a problem (I can’t work with this person, I’m insecure about this, I lose sleep over that) or a hope (I want to get to this level, or write a book, or start my own effort but haven’t been able to do it). A skilled Own the Room coach doesn’t have all the answers but we have helped so many people we can ask questions that can help unblock what is preventing you from being successful.

Executive Coaching is typically reserved for c-suite and high end leaders, one of the secrets hat helps them advance in their careers even more powerfully.  Most people are shocked how helpful it can be.

A typical model is engaging with an Own the Room executive coach for a 5 or 10 hour package. You meet for an initial session, in person or virtual, first to decide if a good fit before committing. Once engaged, you decide how to use the time in the package, normally hour sessions.