sales coordinator 


At the end of the day, Sasha Manford's goal is to contribute to society in a positive way. And at Own The Room, she does. As a sales coordinator, Sasha passionately works to help give clients the confidence they need to be the best versions of themselves, as well as ensuring her sales team is organized and supported.

Sasha graduated from Pace University with a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Marketing, Advertising and Promotion. Prior to joining Own The Room, she worked as an Associate Media Strategist at Initiative Media. Previously, she held an Associate Product Manager position at Topsville, Inc., where she learned to sharpen her attention to detail and meet deadlines and delivery schedules like the boss she is.

Passionate about the state of financial aid in this country, one of Sasha's future aspirations is to institute a program that helps students go to school without the burden of loans. A fan of traveling, her next overseas adventure includes a trip to Germany.