Storytelling has been a major theme in Robin’s career and it's one of the many coaching tools she uses to help clients become more effective communicators and leaders. Understanding the concerns of your audience, your team, or your clients, using empathy and compassion to connect, and knowing what stories will enable your message to reach them, is one of the most powerful techniques of leadership. 

Trainings for women leaders is also one of her passions and she has been fortunate to lead many – including trainings for young girls at the Eleanor Roosevelt Center and for women at companies all over the world. She is also a keynote speaker and is working on a TEDx talk on the power of storytelling.  

Robin’s talents led her to spend 25 years as a professional writer for television and theater. She has been nominated for several Emmys for her work on shows such as The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, and Guiding Light, is the winner of a Writers Guild Award, and worked on a film for the United Nations Development Program. She was a research assistant for Dr. Edgar Schein, Chairman of the Organizational Psychology department at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Robin writes for the Huffington Post and Medium on topics as varied as resilience, finding your voice, leadership, and swing dancing. Robin appeared on In Her Power, a PBS special on women.  

Robin resides in SoHo, New York, loves spending time with her daughter and going to the theater. 

"What would I have done without you!?! Your encouragement, normalizing of fears, your faith in me and your skill in helping me craft the message, tighten the storytelling and adding bits of gold along the way -- I truly can't imagine how I would have gotten where I did on Wednesday morning.  Your warm spirit, compassion and relatability are one in a million. I feel so grateful for your pro help and friendship."

Megan Summers, Global Head of Production, Creative Shop, Facebook.


"I loved working with Robin. She not only helped me shape the story I wanted to tell, she helped me understand it better myself. I came to her anxious and unsure, I left confident and genuinely excited to be on stage."

Amit Gupta, Founder, Photojojo

"Robin went out of her way at the end of a long day to spend one-on-one time with me in a truly life-changing conversation. Without exaggeration, her words of wisdom help me reshape my sense of self and ownership of my own stories."

Kim Gattle, Gattle & Company

"Robin, I wanted you to know that your class is still paying dividends 3 years later! 

I ended up making it to the final round of an exciting job opportunity. They wanted me to present to them for fifteen minutes. I knew exactly what to do, and I wasn't nervous at all. I nailed it! I used the space, I polled the audience, I told a story....I even made it a cliffhanger! And I got the job! This is the one training I've taken that will always stand out!"

Kimberly Cockrell, Sales Director, West at Sealand