• HOSTED BY: OWN THE ROOM 174 Meeting Street, Suite 200 Charleston, SC 29401 USA

Own The Room CORE: Base + Ascent is our 2-day foundational presentation skills training. Whether you want to be memorable to your audience, deliver a presentation with gravitas and poise, or overcome nervousness, CORE: Base + Ascent delivers practical communication techniques that you can apply immediately to command any audience, from a small meeting to a conference keynote.

The learning approach is non-traditional, highly interactive and, yes, fun. It’s definitely not a lecture!  You’ll learn impactful skills you can apply instantly and you will gain the confidence and skills to “own the room.”


  • Executive Presence and Connect First: Understand the basic brain science of how we send and receive information; then use it to enthrall your audience, impress your boss, or wow your clients.
  • Be Memorable: Captivate your audience, ensuring they remember your message, and unlock your creativity while remaining professional. 
  • Voice Modulation and Non-Verbal Communication: Make your message stronger using your voice and gestures.
  • Power of Stories: Learn to tell powerful stories in business; say more with fewer words and convey your message through compelling storytelling.


  • Engage the Audience: Learn how to involve any audience, anytime, on any subject; by actively participating, your listeners will remember and care more about your message.
  • Imagine Your Opening: Discover three powerful techniques to grab the audience’s attention at the start of any talk or presentation.
  • Close with Action: Use four techniques that will inspire your audience to retain your ideas and take action.  
  • Business Presentation: Deliver a presentation from your own work or business to practice incorporating the techniques you have learned and receive feedback from coaches.
  • Powerfully Concise and Better Questions: Master a room with few words and ask short questions that can pivot a conversation, meeting or audience.


  • Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.
  • Please bring a fully charged smartphone or tablet with room on the device to record and save short videos.
  • Be sure to look your best (business casual), as you will be filmed multiple times!
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to give refunds. However, you may transfer your registration credit to a later date.


While our CORE two day events are best experienced by attending both days, we know you are busy! You have the option to just attend Day 1 or, if you have already experienced Day 1, join us for Day 2!

$990 for CORE training (2 Days)

$495 for Day 1: Base

$495 for Day 2: Ascent