Part 1 of our foundational presentation skills training. Whether you want to convey a higher level of executive presence, overcome nervousness, or use more powerful body language, Own The Room CORE: Base helps you transform your communication skills to become a more confident speaker and leader, so you can unleash your potential to grow, influence, motivate and sell.

Key Takeaways from Own The Room CORE: Base       

  • Executive Presence and Connect First: Understand the basic brain science of how we send and receive information; then use it to enthrall your audience, impress your boss, or wow your clients.
  • Be Memorable: Captivate your audience, ensuring they remember your message, and unlock your creativity while remaining professional. 
  • Voice Modulation and Non-Verbal Communication: Make your message stronger using your voice and gestures.
  • Power of Stories: Learn to tell powerful stories in business; say more with fewer words and convey your message through compelling storytelling.


Part 2 of our foundational presentation skills training. Own The Room CORE: Ascent builds on the tools and techniques you learned from Own The Room CORE: Base training and offers practical communication techniques that you can apply immediately to command any audience, from a small meeting to a conference keynote.

Key Takeaways from Own The Room CORE: Ascent

  • Engage the Audience: Learn how to involve any audience, anytime, on any subject; by actively participating, your listeners will remember and care more about your message.
  • Imagine Your Opening: Discover three powerful techniques to grab the audience’s attention at the start of any talk or presentation.
  • Close with Action: Use four techniques that will inspire your audience to retain your ideas and take action.  
  • Business Presentation: Deliver a presentation from your own work or business to practice incorporating the techniques you have learned and receive feedback from coaches.
  • Powerfully Concise and Better Questions: Master a room with few words and ask short questions that can pivot a conversation, meeting or audience.


A PREMIER Event is an advanced two-day version of our Own The Room CORE training. At the PREMIER, you will train with star communication coaches, enhance your strengths, meet other executives and network, and film a Two Minute Talk® video with a Hollywood videography team and live audience, applying the techniques you learned over the course of the training.   

A Taste of own the room 

A Taste of Own The Room is a 2.5 hour workshop that gives you a sampling of what we can do to unleash your potential. This highly interactive, fun session will teach you new communications techniques that you can apply immediately while learning more about the effectiveness of the Own The Room methodology.

Key Outcomes:

  • Make your message stronger using your voice and gestures
  • Connect with your audience in a dynamic way.
  • Enthrall your audience, impress your boss, and wow your clients. 
  • Learn how to overcome fear and nervousness that you get from public speaking
  • Network with other business professionals


Own The Room MASTERY sessions are four-day events which include all of the content covered in a two-day Own The Room CORE: Base + Ascent experience, along with two additional days of ADVANCED content, practical techniques, and leadership skills.

On top of the CORE Training Key Takeaways, participants can expect:


  • Map Out Meetings: Make meetings shorter and get more done: a double victory! The SMEET method, developed by Own The Room, makes meetings more fun, while staying focused and professional.    
  • Read and React to Your Audience: Connect and react to your audience better through strategic eye contact, use of names and use of your space.
  • Handling Distracted Audiences: Bring the focus back to you whenever people are looking at their phones, talking to others, or getting distracted.
  • Powerful Panels and Responding to Tough Questions: Stand out on any panel, involve the audience, and create energy that sparks a room. Handle the most difficult questions, while keeping listeners on your side.   
  • Elevator Pitch: Master the three steps to persuade any audience and handle their objections.


  • Structuring Your Sales Presentation: Learn the art of consultative selling.
  • How to Be an Executive Coach: Find out how professional executive coaches work to help people resolve their challenges.
  • Virtual Meetings: Maximize your video conferencing tools, cast yourself in a better light and sound more powerful and effective on calls.
  • Motivational Speaking and Keynotes: Discover how motivational speakers turn life lessons into powerful motivators for behavior change in four simple steps.
  • Hero Speech: How do you describe someone who's made a significant impact on you, in a way that impacts your listeners?


Do you ever struggle to keep the audience’s attention when presenting complex ideas? Do you worry that listeners are not following and processing information as well as you would like? Convey Complex Concepts (C3) is a version of our Own The Room CORE: Base 1-day training tailored specifically for teams and individuals that must present data, analytics and research. Coaches help participants build a toolkit of approaches, techniques, and mindsets that can help any professional – no matter how technically-oriented – deliver statistics, jargon, and all types of knowledge more clearly, so it sticks.

Key Takeaways:

  • The basic science behind effective communication
  • Making your message memorable – even if it is data-heavy
  • Visuals and engagement: what your audience needs in order to understand complex concepts
  • Gravitas through voice modulation, body language and movement with purpose
  • Telling powerful stories that bring your information alive for listeners
  • Being concise and providing key takeaways for your audience to absorb


How many hours have you spent in meetings that were not an effective use of your time? MEETING MASTERY teaches participants how to make meetings more productive, organized, and engaging. 

In this 4-hour interactive training, you will learn to hold more productive meetings and finish sooner, following a science-based approach that keeps participants on track. We will do exercises to help you become an engaging communicator, involve the audience to make your agenda their agenda, and focus meetings on concrete results. You will also learn to reduce distractions and ensure participants are primed to get things done as quickly as possible, to accomplish more in your day. 

Key Takeaways from MEETING MASTERY:

  • Understand a fundamental technique that can allow you to cut meeting time by up to 30%
  • Communicate so your ideas will be remembered
  • Develop powerful meeting openers to grab attention
  • Empower decision-making and build a collaborative team environment
  • Engage the audience to create dialogue
  • Learn facilitation techniques to keep people focused and on track