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Boost and strengthen the most essential sales skills.

Only 13% of customers believe a salesperson can understand their needs, and a mere 3% of people consider salespeople to be trustworthy. How will you break through the bias to build rapport, grow your customer base, and close more deals?

Based on a custom program we developed with several digital advertising partners, Sales Catalyst leverages our trademarked methodology to help you master the selling process in a genuine, engaging, and effective way.

Through a series of highly interactive modules, you’ll learn specific techniques to rethink common sales situations like handling objections, reading clients, or structuring a concrete ask. Our expert Coaches keep participants engaged and empower them with immediate, tangible takeaways to build rapport, grow your customer base, and close more deals.  

Your sales department is not the only team that can benefit from Sales Catalyst. We have developed this program to arm any customer-facing professionals and teams within your organization with the tools to improve their client interactions.

Here’s what you can expect during Sales Catalyst:

  • Circuit Training: This fast-paced and fun session covers some foundational techniques before diving into the rest of the program. Expect to be on your feet, learning how to connect with clients, open with insight, propose value in genuine and memorable ways, handle objections, and secure commitments.
  • Client Cartography: Get the lay of the land on how to effectively research, read, and react to your prospects and clients, no matter their personality.
  • Consultative Selling: No one likes to be talked “at.” In this interactive session, you’ll learn exactly how to use emotional intelligence, empathy, active listening and true discovery to build trust and rapport with your clients.
  • Lead with Insight: Want to build stronger value propositions? Learn key storytelling techniques that bring data and statistics to life.
  • Agile Thinking: Chances are, you’re hearing similar objections over and over again. In this hands-on session, learn specific tools to handle client objections, preemptively and in real-time.
  • Secure Commitment: Learn how to secure next steps and structure an active ask that will have clients ready to move forward.
  • Sales Pitch: Build upon everything you’ve learned. You’ll prepare and present a sales pitch with feedback from your Coach and peers.


  • One, 8-hour training
  • Focus on the most essential modules for your team's needs
    • Start the day with: Circuit Training
    • Pick ONE of the following: Client Cartography or Consultative Selling
    • Pick TWO of the following: Lead with Insight, Agile Thinking or Secure Commitment
    • End with: Sales Pitch


  • Two, 5-hour days of training
  • The two days do not have to be consecutive
  • Sales Skills 1:1 Coaching available for participants
  • Covers all of the modules listed above
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Your first step to becoming a world-class communicator.  

CORE: Base is Part 1 of our Foundational Communication Training. Whether a young professional, public figure, or CEO, this transformative program gives you the skills and confidence you need to influence, motivate, and sell. As you progress through each subsequent stage of the training, your skills will continue to improve.

While most communication trainings have you falling asleep, CORE: Base gets you on your feet through high-energy, interactive warm-ups, team exercises, video, real world scenarios, and repetition. In a matter of hours, you’ll be empowered with a whole new toolkit of personal and professional skills.

Here’s what you can expect during Base:

  • Executive Presence & Connect First: Learn to connect. No more glazed-over looks or team members checking their phones while you’re talking. We help you understand the basic brain science behind communication, and how you can leverage that science to keep your listeners hooked.
  • Be Memorable: Through collaborative on-camera exercises, you’ll learn how to create energy, build emotional connections, and deliver a message that sticks.
  • Voice Modulation & Non-Verbal Communication: Learn to use your voice. We won’t ask you to sing, but we will teach you how simple voice modulation and non-verbal tricks can transform your communication in any setting.
  • Power of Stories: You’ll learn fun and easy ways to make your message more relatable, compelling, and concise. Then we’ll all listen in as you integrate your new skills to deliver a story of your own.  


Take your communication skills to the next level.

CORE: Ascent is Part 2 of our Foundational Communication Training, building upon everything you learned during CORE: Base. During this one-day training, you’ll learn advanced communication techniques and strategies to take your meetings, presentations, and career to the next level. As with all Own The Room trainings, Ascent is incredibly interactive, supportive, and hands-on.

Here’s what you can expect during Ascent:

  • Powerfully Concise & Better Questions: Being a great communicator doesn’t always mean talking the most. Learn how to be concise and ask powerful, short questions to drive the conversation, meeting, or presentation forward.
  • Engage the Audience: You already know how to connect. Now it’s time to get your listeners involved. You’ll learn simple strategies that inspire participation from any audience, anytime, on any subject.   
  • Imagine Your Opening & Close with Action: If you don’t capture your listeners’ attention at the very beginning, how can you expect them to focus until the end? We’ll share three powerful techniques to reel them in from the start and four simple strategies that will inspire your listeners to take action at the end.
  • Business Presentation: During Ascent, you’ll actually deliver a presentation from your own work, integrating the skills you’ve learned and getting expert feedback to make it better.


For the master communicators.

If you’re ready to become an expert-level communicator, ADVANCED: Summit is for you. In Part 1 of our Advanced Communication Training, you’ll build upon everything you learned in our foundational programs and gain advanced skills and practical techniques to navigate even the toughest communication challenges, from meetings and sales calls to panels and speaking engagements. Just like days 1 and 2, Summit is highly energetic and interactive.

Here’s what you can expect during Summit:

  • Map Out Meetings: End the meeting madness once-and-for-all! Using the Red Box Method, we reinvent the traditional agenda and create a new visual journey that makes meetings more fun, focused, and efficient.
  • Read & React to Your Audience: Want your audience to pay attention? Then you have to create a connection. In this highly interactive session, you’ll learn the strategies expert speakers use to keep audiences engaged.
  • Handling Distracted Audiences: Is your audience staring off into la-la land (or, more than likely, scrolling on their phones)? Learn subtle but powerful techniques to bring the focus back to you.
  • Powerful Panels & Responding to Tough Questions: If you’ve ever been a moderator or a panelist, you know what a challenging environment panels can be. We’ll show you how to prepare, generate great dialogue, think on your feet, handle tough questions, and create energy that lights up the room.
  • Elevator Pitch: Get ready to craft your hook, line, and sinker. You’ll walk away with a three-step process to persuade any audience on any topic, idea, product, or service in just one minute.


Proficiency looks good on you.  

Now that you’ve completed Base, Ascent and Summit, you’re well on your way to becoming a best-in-class communicator. In Part 2 of our Advanced Communication Training, you’ll gain the same skills and techniques used by the world’s most brilliant leaders. ADVANCED: Soar is the ideal learning opportunity for savvy leaders who manage personnel, oversee sales, or give talks and keynotes on a regular basis.

Here’s what you can expect during Soar:

  • Structuring Your Sales Presentation: What if one simple system could transform your sales meetings? It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not! You’ll learn an effective four-part structure to connect with clients and close more deals.
  • How to be an Executive Coach: Whether you’re a CEO, managing a team, or interviewing prospective talent, you need to solve problems...and help others solve theirs, too. In this session, you’ll be equipped with the same tools professional coaches use to help people overcome challenges.
  • Motivational Speaking & Keynotes: Giving a talk? In this interactive session, you’ll learn the four simple steps great motivational speakers use to turn personal stories into relevant motivators for business and behavior change.
  • Hero Speech: Practice makes perfect. We’ll combine all the techniques you’ve learned so far to help you deliver a speech that’s personal and highly impactful.

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It’s time to make meetings more fun, focused, and efficient.

In the past 50 years, meetings have increased in length and frequency...so much so that executives spend an average of 23 hours per week in them. If that sounds all too familiar, it’s time to swap the Meeting Madness for Meeting Mastery.

In this interactive 4-hour training, we challenge you to ditch the traditional format and teach you a science-based approach to make meetings shorter, more productive, and -- surprise -- even fun!

Here’s what you can expect during Meeting Mastery:

  • What Makes Effective Communication: During this interactive session, you’ll learn how to apply our key communication methodology so your ideas stick even after meetings are over.
  • Involve the Audience: Say goodbye to the glazed-over stares. You’ll practice powerful meeting openers that grab attention and keep the energy up; discover simple techniques to engage the audience, create dialogue, and achieve concrete results; and learn how to empower decision-making and build a collaborative team environment.

  • Map Out Meetings: Using our Red Box Method, we reinvent the traditional agenda and show you how to make meetings more fun, focused, and efficient. You’ll learn one fundamental technique that will enable you to cut meeting time by up to 30%, and gain subtle but effective facilitation tactics that keep people focused and on track.