How do you ensure success on your next panel? And how do you respond smoothly when faced with a hard, unexpected question? 

Powerful Panels and Handling Tough Questions helps you shine as a panelist and create energy that sparks a room. It also gives you the tools to respond to a listener who does not agree with you or asks a question that you did not anticipate, while keeping the audience on your side. This practical, hands-on module allows participants to learn through fun scenarios and practice on real work situations. 

A version of the module, “Handling Tough Questions,” puts panels aside and provides practice responding to any difficult or obnoxious question thrown your way. 


  • The questions you must ask yourself before the panel begins
  • Five tips that will help you look great as a speaker or moderator 
  • How to think on your feet when a question catches you off-guard
  • How to respond to questions from a skeptic in a way that opens them to your point of view

*This module is part of a full-day Own The Room training. Customization (and associated costs) is based on whether participants have taken Own The Room CORE: Base and/or other modules. 

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