I am energized and "in my flow" when I am presenting, facilitating or otherwise engaging groups of people around meaningful topics. As a coach with Own The Room I get energized by working with participants to develop their more powerful voice and confident presence. We add tools to their communication repertoire and build on their natural abilities and intelligence. I have been working in the helping profession for over 25 years as a counselor, coach, program manager and facilitator. I also served on the Regional Board of Directors for the National Network of Runaway and Homeless Youth Services. For the past 9 years I have been working more with professionals from such companies as Microsoft, Amazon and Expedia in the Seattle area to progress in their communication skills, relationships and careers. I have a Master's in Social Work and Bachelors in Psychology from St Louis University. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I will play most any sports or games and have a particular fondness for golf, snowboarding, ultimate Frisbee and poker.