Own The Room at South By Southwest


SVP of Sales Sheryl Goldstein and Coaches Lidia Arshavsky and Mary Michael attended South by Southwest Interactive. Partnering with the Girls' Lounge, the team provided confidence coaching sessions to attendees, helping conference-goers get over nervousness and deal with tough questions, and even coached an entrepreneur who went on to win second place in the SXSW pitch competition.


Own The Room's Jack Harvey on the Eric Holtzclaw Show

Own The Room helps people connect with their voice and tell the story of their business and their service. Own The Room CEO Jack Harvey met with Eric Holtzclaw of WAFS Radio in Atlanta. What if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. or Winston Churchill didn't have the courage to get up and speak? Listen to the recording to learn how Own The Room impacts organizations and empowers leaders with the skills to have their "MLK or Churchill moment" and affect the course of history.

The recording of the Eric Holtzclaw Show On Demand can be heard at https://soundcloud.com/eric-holtzclaw-highlights/jack-harvey-ceo-of-own-the-room-talks-storytelling-june-16th-2016.

NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center + Own The Room = Shark Tank Pitch Toolkit

We’re proud to have worked with the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, Values Partnerships and U.S. Chamber’s Center for Advanced Technology & Innovation (CATI) to develop the ‘Entrepreneur Pitch Toolkit’ launched April 20th in New York at the Values Partnerships’ 2016 diversity casting tour for ABC’s Shark Tank and provided at all other Shark Tank auditions around the country in the coming months. Get access to the toolkit right here. Click now and see how we power entrepreneurs and innovators to unleash their potential!