I love helping top leaders in their sectors take their skills to even more world class levels. Far too often things like strategies, project plans, resource allocation agreements, progress and budget reports etc. are getting too much attention. Sure, they are all important, but what really in the end makes or breaks the successful cultural transformation... is leadership's ability to give people the right understanding of purpose. The ability to paint an attractive picture of the future. The corporate world today is in never-ending change. I know because I draw on 10 years' experience internationally in the industrial sector with Lean Management and how to create cultural change in large corporations. It often comes down to this: Effective and efficient transportation of ideas between people. And it's about walking the unknown path together. As a leader, your ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas to the hearts and minds of people will define how successful you are going to be in your field. And for so many in business today, this ability is a slumbering potential - waiting to be unleashed. I choose to be a part of Own the Room because I am passionate about the potential in people.

"Mikkel just made it feel right! Creating an experience that it is impossible to forget. It's amazing to see our employees using "imagine", "show me with your fingers" or "silence" also months after the training. Mikkel connected training participants to the fantastic communication methods and excellent training concept with his expertise, ability to adapt to group dynamic, confidence and charm. In addition, as an executive coach he needed only 10 minutes to reassure me in my next career challenge."