As an educator and coach, Miguel is impassioned by the look in people’s eyes when they learn something that changes their perception of the world or their own abilities. As a trained actor and director, he strives to tell stories that touch people’s hearts and move them to action; and at Own The Room, he has found the perfect opportunity to help people find their voice so they can do the same.

After serving as a Honduran diplomat in Mexico, Miguel obtained his Global MBA at the Thunderbird School of Global Management and worked in real estate development for Walmart before combining his passions for business and education through his work with Mathnasium, launching its first operation in Tegucigalpa, and later, Laureate Education, managing its BPO office in Honduras. Most recently, he founded Cinta-x, a startup helping speakers maximize their talent and revenue by decoding, branding and rehearsing their message. He also teaches graduate-level management and leadership courses at UNITEC college in Honduras. He speaks regularly at conferences on entrepreneurship, networking, and business communication, and was a speaker at TEDx Tegucigalpa.

Miguel’s interests include martial arts (he has black belts in Aikido and Taekwondo), acting and film (he recently shot a short suspense film) and languages (he is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese).

"I've just attended the Own the room training session today – it´s aaaaawesome! So insightful, so actionable, it´s really a game changer training! Such a level of energy, like you leave the room excited to volunteer for public speaking!"

Patricia Garrido, Marketing Science Scaling Lead, FACEBOOK, LATAM

"I liked the energy, the exercises and the content was excellent. Throughout the training, I was taking notes, thinking about my next presentation and how to apply what I learned."

Maersk Training Participant