Mary Beth describes her Own The Room experience as “more fun than work.” This attitude carries over into her sales role, because she knows the trainings can improve lives and boost careers.

During her career, Mary Beth has founded two companies – Notable Digital and Veracite Solutions Marketing – whose clients included Macy's, Chase Bank and Pfizer, among other Fortune 500 companies. She has also served as the Senior VP of Sales & Marketing at Print Management Group, and Director of Client Services at RedEye, a behavioral email company based in the UK.

Mary Beth is the mother of four adult children and lives in Montclair, NJ. She spends her free time volunteering and fundraising for various charities, many of which support the homeless; she also enjoys tennis, running, hiking and martial arts. Mary Beth is an avid traveler and has visited South America, France, Italy, Switzerland and several of the Caribbean islands. 

Mary Beth's communication and networking workshops with our foster youth have been incredibly transformative! Many of our youth lack experience introducing and presenting themselves in workplace situations and environments, and after a session with Mary Beth, youth leave with a new sense of confidence and increased self-esteem. They feel more prepared to interview, network, and present their best self. 

-Foster Pride