Julio is dedicated to selling ethically by only offering a product or service to the customer if it is a perfect fit. He was drawn to Own The Room for its transformative value, and is proud to work with clients to facilitate events that allow them to unleash their maximum potential.

Julio’s career evolved from working factory jobs with his family to eventually owning his own company, Bulls Eye Marketing. At Bulls Eye, he provided direct marketing and sales services to a wide range of clients, including Sharper Image and Wolferman's Gourmet Gifts. He was also the Inside Direct Sales Manager for CMS Funding, Inc., where he helped small business owners with much needed working capital to finance expansion efforts.

Julio's family emigrated to America from Cuba while he was still a toddler, and he began learning English when he was five years old. Today, his greatest joy outside the office is raising his two teenage daughters, who are avid dance and musical theater enthusiasts. Julio himself is a dedicated fan of tennis, golf and CrossFit.