I began my career as a psychologist in Madrid, Spain in Public Centres helping families in the process of getting a divorce. Since then, I have developed my work in several Public Institutions oriented to Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR). Currently, I work for the Psychologists’ College of Madrid in the Family Support Centre "Mariam Suárez".

An important part of my professional development is training future mediators in ADR in different areas: business, school centers, neighbourhood issues, family disputes, etc.I also participate in seminars, conferences and workshops on ADR and conduct courses about studying skills aimed to anyone who wants to improve the way they learn.

Coaching people gives me the opportunity to participate in a magical moment. It is fascinating to see how people realize they actually have more own resources than they thought. Guiding them in that process of personal growth is a great pleasure.

"Recomiendo el taller de comunicación que tuve la oportunidad de hacer con Own the Room, porque más allá de enfocarse en presentaciones efectivas, lo que te da es una serie de herramientas para desprenderte de los preconceptos de la efectividad de."

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