Nearby hotels?

You can find the event address on the registration page. If you cannot find any hotels near this address, let us know and we are happy to help! 


What if I need to miss part of the day or have to arrive late/leave early?

It’s always best to take a course in its entirety. However, if you're only missing a short amount of time let us know what part of the day you will be missing and we will get you in and out with ease.


Vegetarian/vegan options for lunch?

We always order vegetarian/vegan options for our events.


I need to reschedule. What are my options?

We host Public Events all over the world and we are always adding new dates to our schedule. Check out our upcoming public events and we can assist you with transferring your registration.


Nearby parking?

One week before the training, we will send you an email with logistical details including parking information. If you need this information before then, email us and we can provide it.