Mumbai. 30 local branch executives. Projector humming. Powerpoint ready to fire headquarters wisdom. 60 eyes on me. Prepared to get flooded. Spotting the moment when to switch to just physical presence.

Wait - again the same game? Uncomfortably I switched the projection off and asked four words: “Let me first understand.” Soon later figures proved: change had been starting.

Later I heard: “You were the first headquarters guy in a while to be interested in us; painting a picture where we want to be, and touching our emotions.”

Over the last 20 years I worked as an MD in surgery, in hospital management, as a strategy manager (big five consultancy), in pharma and currently as a Sr. Vice President in the sales headquarters of a global medical device company. Content around Strategy, BPM, IT and Sales Effectiveness in Healthcare. Spotting needs and opportunities for change got me increasingly exposed on small and big stages, from middle managers to top executives around the planet. The challenge has always been the same: Getting a message across.

Own The Room is one of the most exciting trainings I ever enjoyed. It brings you the heart of effective communication: Give yourself permission, get your audience’s filters down and care for them.

I saw people changing patterns while I was working with them. And I am excited to help you become a better communicator.

Whether you are a leader or a starter, want to improve or prepare, whatever you expertise and industry is, and no matter what function: Capitalizing on where you are one of the single most important skills is effective communication.

Do you get the good things you have to share across?