Long before Own The Room, Dan had already developed a reputation as a world class communicator and interviewer, sitting down to speak with politicians and celebrities ranging from John Kerry and Mitt Romney to Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Lopez, and Danny Boyle.  

Dan has spent 20 years working in television and radio, as a host, reporter, interviewer, producer and actor. As a broadcast host, he appeared on several network series, including NHL Cool Shots, Pioneers, American Outback and NASCAR Outdoors. He has also been hired to help professional athletes prepare for interviews with general managers, coaches and the media. As an actor, he appeared on shows such as Full House, Beverly Hills 90210 and Who’s the Boss. More recently, Dan used his extensive sports and communications background in serving as the Director of Admissions and Marketing at the National Sports Academy. This range of experience allows him to effectively connect and coach teams and senior executives from across industries.

Dan’s work has taken him all over the world, from Israel to the Marshall Islands, and he has conducted interviews while ice-climbing in British Columbia, touring with bull riders across the American West, and chatting with a Paralympian sailor on top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife.

"Working with Dan was truly inspiring. I got more accomplished in 2 hours working with him than I did in hours of feedback sessions working with others. He has an amazing ability to connect with his clients and draw out the best in them. His insightful feedback and brainstorms really move you along the development journey. He gives 100% and stays focused on you. His sessions are fun, professional and leave you excited for the next one."


"Thanks to Dan Moriarty for leading a fabulous day that more than met our expectations! Our Own The Room training was exceptional!" 

Francine McDermott, Human Resources Strategy and Consulting Leader, Marsh & McLennan Companies

"This is the easiest testimonial I have ever written, hands down. Over the past year working with Dan, he has become a very important person in my life.  He is not only my speaking coach but my mentor and friend; someone who pushes me to work harder and have more confidence in myself.
I was dreading setting up my first appointment because I do not love public speaking.  Within our first hour together, he not only taught me skills I was able to put to immediate use, he made our time together fun and I found myself looking forward to our next session.
He coaches in a way that sticks.  He’s made me a better speaker, better storyteller and a better leader.  I hear him in my head on a daily basis reminding me to use my voice and body language to be a more powerful communicator.  Thank you for everything, Dan!"


"Dan was amazing. What a fabulous workshop. I must admit I was quite fearful and had no idea what to expect. He took care of everything and made us work, get out of our comfort zones, learn on so many levels. Wow. Thank you very much."  Article on Center for Nonprofit Management website

Julie Ha Truong, Director of Education, Center for Nonprofit Management

"THANK YOU. My delivery this morning was amazing. The Head of HR and the Head of Communications both said my presentation was excellent. I’ve literally gotten over 30 emails from colleagues saying that I had the best presentation… and some people are comparing me to Steve Jobs (which is obviously just delusional flattery… but I’ll take it!)"

Pamela Wong, AVP, Corporate Strategy, Manulife/Toronto

"You’ve got a great gift, Dan. Great sense of humor, great command of the subject matter, fully engaged and flexible, and the ability to deliver that in a way that’s supportive and most of all can be heard by the recipient. I was amazed by what you were able to get out of group, especially given where some of them were starting from - the nervousness was so thick you could cut with a knife, but you were able to really get that in check quickly."

Burt Cummings, CEO, Versaic

"I took an Own the Room session at MPK about a month ago. You were awesome! I learned so much from the session and applied what I learned to presentations immediately afterwards.
I recently presented to the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and not to toot my own horn, but I “owned the room” and Diane von Furstenberg invited me to speak to her executives the following week. And it was all thanks to you and your team!"

Credit: Affiliate Summit. Keynote presentation at Affiliate Summit West 2018.