Part 2 of our foundational presentation skills training. Own The Room CORE: Ascent builds on the tools and techniques you learned from Own The Room CORE: Base training and offers practical communication techniques that you can apply immediately to command any audience, from a small meeting to a conference keynote.

Key Takeaways from Own The Room CORE: Ascent

  • Engage the Audience: Learn how to involve any audience, anytime, on any subject; by actively participating, your listeners will remember and care more about your message.
  • Imagine Your Opening: Discover three powerful techniques to grab the audience’s attention at the start of any talk or presentation.
  • Close with Action: Use four techniques that will inspire your audience to retain your ideas and take action.  
  • Business Presentation: Deliver a presentation from your own work or business to practice incorporating the techniques you have learned and receive feedback from coaches.
  • Powerfully Concise and Better Questions: Master a room with few words and ask short questions that can pivot a conversation, meeting or audience.