Who is doing who a favor?


If someone is asking you for money to support a wonderful charity. They’re doing YOU a favor.

  • Do you have time to commit to volunteering everyday? To build hospitals? Travel around to advocate & educate?
  • No? Then you have the easy job. Just drop a little bill into the hat and they handle all the rest. They’re helping you do great work.

Your clients need a partner. They need a solution. They need you. They need someone on their side to help their business and help their customers. If you know it’s going to help them, tell them boldly and show them the way.


The human brain is wired that if someone asks me a question directly and confidently, I have to say yes unless there is an overriding reason for me to say no.

Anytime you ask for something, personal or professional, do so not apologetically but with the confidence that the request is most certainly deserving of participation. Make the ask simple and specific.

It’s not your job to make them say yes - it’s your job to ensure they can’t possibly say no!


You’ve already started to embrace the shift in mindset necessary to secure a closing commitment (Who is doing who a favor?). Keep up the good work by converting no’s into maybe’s and working out the micro-commitments you can suggest when a client says “no” to your original ask!

Think of micro-commitments like baby steps that you can get your client to commit to on the spot.

  • When someone commits to something, no matter how small, a bond is forged.
  • It's about finding the right micro-commitment for that client in that moment.
Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 11.55.24 AM.png


How does someone get to the top of a mountain? Climb.

To climb means to stumble, to reach, to stretch, to feel out of breath. If you’re worried about new techniques feeling awkward and uncomfortable the first time you use them, we can magically remove that worry and GUARANTEE they’ll feel a little awkward the first time. Then what happens? It means you’re climbing the mountain!

Coach Katie Wake discusses the bold mindset of a closing ask.