Your client research, questioning tactics and active listening abilities will help you deal with any objection or hostile question you face - or avoid them, altogether.


Flip is when you temporarily redirect the hostile question from you to someone else.

  • FLIP RIGHT BACK TO THE CLIENT by asking “tell me more about why you think that?” or “in what way?”  This gives the client a chance to expand on their opinion and gives you time to think of what to say or do next.
  • FLIP TO THE ROOM saying, “That's a great question what do all of you think?” You’ll get data on where other people in the room are and whether the hostile question is an outlier or an accurate read of the temperature of the room. Just remember: a hostile person is better than a hostile crowd, so read the room appropriately!
  • FLIP TO A COLLEAGUE or an expert in the room who is better suited to answer the question. You could open it up by saying, “What does my team think?”

When does the FLIP technique work best?

  • When it's a statement disguised as a question or it’s clear there’s more behind the question.  
  • You need more time.
  • You genuinely need to or want to understand the question more.
  • You know the person well.
  • It’s not really a question for you to answer but for someone else in the room.



Validate doesn’t mean “I agree” or “You’re right.” It simply means “I’ve heard you” or “I acknowledge what you’ve said.”. The key to success is in sincerely affirming the other person’s concerns.

Building a stronger validation:

  • Eliminate the Weak Language
    • Cut out phrases that are overused and don’t mean what they should anymore: “I can understand that” or “That’s a great question”
  • Go Further Then They Did
    • Use 2-3 half sentences from their point of view:
      • Objection: That’s too expensive!
      • Validate: It’s not the cheapest on the market; budgets are locked in and resources are tight...pivot


Without using the word “but” or “however,” pivot to the point of view, facts or stance that you want to focus on.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 11.55.24 AM.png


What’s great about communication is: there is no perfect!

“But what if I make a mistake?” We’re all going to make mistakes. Who cares, “Get Over Yourself!”. Life isn’t about perfect. It’s about connected. It’s about memorable. It’s about everyone feeling something you want them to feel and remembering something you want them to remember.

Coach Bryan Lemos shares a reminder that when you’re faced with a challenge, be kind and speak to yourself like your best friend would.