Bryan teaches peak performers to reach greater heights. As a coach at Own The Room, Bryan most enjoys helping others realize their full potential.

An award-winning content creator in instructional education, Bryan has coached some of the top entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley for their workshops and trainings. He's created over 100 online education workshops reaching over 300,000 students with revenue in the millions. Before joining Own The Room, he developed workshops for CreativeLive and Brit + Co. From 2009-2011 Bryan served with the Peace Corps in Honduras, an experience that catapulted him into a career of helping others.

Bryan prides himself on his ability to connect with any type of person and most enjoys his conversations with complete strangers.  When he’s not working, he plays the guitar and frequents the live music scene. Bryan is also proficient in Spanish and lives in San Francisco.

"Instant impact and I will forever be grateful because Bryan made me a better communicator. Bryan walks the talk. Bryan was engaging, insightful, funny, smart and verbally colorful. His skills as a presenter and coach are impressive. I would highly recommend him to anyone, who wants to "own the room"."

Morten Bruhn , Director Market Development KPMG


"Bryan and Tim came to UCSF today to lead a training for my postdocs in tobacco control.  We have a diverse group of researchers with PhD's in Political Science, Geography, Public Policy, Ethics, Philosophy, Psychology, Communication.  As you know, it's difficult to get folks to break out of the conventions of scientific presentation.  Bryan and Tim really got the group engaged, being creative, and willing to push outside of their comfort zones and try new things."



"Bryan is so strong presenting, speaking, taking examples! Wow!!!"

Uber Training Participant