Aragorn’s foray into public speaking began when he joined the Model European Parliament in high school. Intoxicated by the thrill of swaying large audiences, he ultimately became one of the Netherlands’ top competitors, earning the honor of meeting the Dutch Prime Minister. This passion for communication and a desire to help and inspire others has served him well in helping clients and colleagues achieve their goals.

Much of Aragorn’s sales career has developed in the tech industry, most notably in HR and recruiting solutions, while working at LinkedIn and in enterprise and global B2B sales. He has served as a trusted advisor to HR leaders around the world, in industries ranging from IT, Oil & Mining and Pharma to Banking and Finance.

Some of the less traditional jobs on Aragorn’s resume include promoting electronic musicians internationally, sheering sheep in the Australian outback, and fighting off sharks on a fishing boat in the strait of Timor (a position he took after it was advertised as “the hardest job in the world.”) Having lived in cities ranging from Dublin to Utrecht to Sydney, he currently resides in Amsterdam.

"Many thanks for the wonderful training. You've taught us a lot about public speaking. Your approach was very open, natural and professional. The use of the camera, your inspiration, examples, and feedback moments were especially helpful. The transformation we made from the beginning of the day to our last speech at the end of the day was enormous."

Dominique Dingjan, Managing Director, USG People