We loved having you at our recent Own the Room event! We are often asked, “How can I do more and keep improving?”

Within the next week, do at least THREE of these FIVE thIngs and you will see results:

  • Play the drinking game. Water down your favorite beverage (coffee, soda, juice - yuck!), drag it secretly around to meetings or at home and take a sip whenever you use weak language. You will see it start to go away within a day or two.

  • Modulate your voice in everyday life: while you are ordering food, greeting people, or reading the newspaper. Read stories to kids, sing along with songs on the radio using your hands.

  • Demand feedback from someone in real life, three times. Always focus on the positives first, then ask what improvements you can make for faster growth. "What did I do well? What can I improve?"

  • Film yourself with your smartphone or tablet. Play it back. Notice little things. Try new approaches.

  • Teach others. When you pass on learning to others, you cement it in yourself. Pass on one or more of the tips you learned to someone else.

Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can come back and practice these tips next week.

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